A message from Hedon Methodist Church – Sunday Services 13 September 2020

We look forward to welcoming you tomorrow to either of our services, taking place at church or online, both with a start time of 10am.
The Church will be open for a screening of the Service of Thanks from August, which a number of people didn’t get to see, or if you would like to watch again with friends. It’s a lovely recording from many of our church members to reflect on their faith during and as we came out of lockdown, along with favourite songs and prayers. Come along for a 10am start, however, please ensure you have a face mask, alternatively, we also have visors available.

Our Online service this week is led by Mrs Val Hoff and the Hedon Worship Group and will also be screened at 10am to watch at home. The theme this week is ‘Forgiving God’ and we are looking forward to Val’s message. The link will be live from 10am, or for those coming to church tomorrow, it will also be available to watch at a convenient time.

Join Mrs Val Hoff and the Hedon Worship Group for Online Sunday Worship based on the theme ‘Forgiving God’, including hymns, prayers and a message.

Or just search ‘Hedon Methodist Church’ in YouTube or subscribe to receive a notification.

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