Scarecrow Walk

Thorngumbald Scarecrows are back… thanks to Chloe!

On Sat 4 and Sun 5 July 2020 it’s the 9th Annual Thorngumbald Scarecrow Trail weekend. Residents are asked to demonstrate once again that fantastic imagination they possess by creating scarecrow displays.

The decision to hold the Scarecrow Trail, which had been cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis, was prompted by a very special girl as Parish Councillor Denise Hardy explains:

“Chloe lives in Thorngumbald and looks forward to the scarecrow trail every year. But this year it was cancelled for obvious reasons. Poor Chloe couldn’t accept that there would be no scarecrows and kept nagging her mum who got in touch with me.”

This year’s event has been called the ‘Chloe Thorngumbald Scarecrows’ in honour of the person prompting the re-organisation of the event.

Social distancing remains in place and within those rules, the scarecrows can be viewed from 10am on Saturday 4 July to 4pm on Sunday 5 July. 

There will be no public voting this year but donations can be made towards Thorngumbald Preschool.

*Note: We’ll bring you a list of where the scarecrows are, which you can download prior to visiting.

More information at Thorngumbald Parish Council:

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  1. Selling maps, which are also available at MJs chippy, Mrs Coggs, Bridgeman news and 13 Homestead (home of scaredy crow). A bargain for just £1 each. No voting this year due to the C word!
    Extra scarecrow at 25 Church Lane, and for those with more stamina than me, there’s a scarecrow hanging out at Mortimers farm down Bellcroft Lane.

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