Yorkshire Energy Park now looks set to proceed

FOLLOWING almost three years of planning consideration, the Yorkshire Energy Park looks set to proceed after the Secretary of State decides against ‘calling in’ the planning application. A request to have the planning decision looked at again by the Government has been turned down in favour of the matter being determined at the local level.

In a copy of a letter from the Planning Casework Unit received by Councillor John Dennis, Ward Member for South West Holderness, it states:

“The Government remains committed to giving more power to councils and communities to make their own decisions on planning issues, and believe that planning decisions should be made at the local level wherever possible. The call-in policy makes it clear that the power to call in a case will only be used very selectively.

“The Secretary of State has decided, having had regard to this policy, not to call in this application. He is satisfied that the application should be determined at a local level.”

The Eastside Community Sports Trust in a Facebook post, said: “We welcome the decision by the Secretary of State to allow the YEP project to progress. It’s great news for sport and investment in East Yorkshire.”

Meanwhile, Cllr. John Dennis, also on Facebook, posted: “I will have a long look at what options are left to the opponents of the scheme, but I think that an appeal against this decision is unlikely. Not what the SayNo group had hoped for, but perhaps we have to face facts.”

Whilst the issue of the development of the site has been a divisive issue in local communities, those on both sides of the debate can now look at the potential of the proposed scheme and seek to accentuate the positive benefits locally, whilst supporting the efforts to mitigate any negative impacts.

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