Coronavirus Epidemic

Enhanced East Yorkshire bus timetables (services 71,75,76,77,78,89) start 31 May 2020

Enhanced timetables start 31 May.

From Sunday 31 May, in response to the government’s coronavirus advice, East Yorkshire buses will be increasing their bus services.

Most bus services that are currently running on lockdown timetables will have extra journeys, and many routes that were suspended at the start of the crisis will return.

The enhanced services will ensure social distancing can be maintained by providing more journeys to spread out passengers, whilst also giving extra travel options for those who are returning to work.

Please note that government advice remains that you should only use the bus for essential journeys.  We also ask that you familiarise yourself with our advice to help keep you safe when you travel.

Summary of the improved services:

Service 71: Easington-Withernsea

See the new service 71: Easington-Withernsea

Services 75/76/77: Hull-Hedon-Withernsea

See the new service 75/76/77 Monday-Friday timetable.

See the new service 75/76/77 Saturday timetable.

See the new service 75/76/77 Sunday timetable.

Services 78/79: Hull-Hedon

This service will return after being suspended during the lockdown, with buses running hourly Monday-Saturday.

See the new service 78/79 Monday-Saturday timetable.


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