VE Day 75 Decorations, commemorations and celebrations – Lockdown 2020


The VE Day Competition in Hedon to find the “Best Dressed House” attracted fifty entries. Altogether over 180 photographs were sent to Hedon Town Council and judged by the Mayor Councillor Colin Billany who commented: “It was a difficult decision as there were plenty of good ones!”

The winning entries were:

  • 1st place – Billie-Jo & James Taylor of Charles Street who decorated both front and back ways with flags and poppy bunting.
  • 2nd place – Pam Mckinley of Colemans Road was second with a poppy bush and inflatable RAF aeroplane in the garden.
  • 3rd place – Andy Hampel of Church Lane was third whose display also included a RAF Battle of Britain aeroplane attached to the wall.


WE asked for your photographs to preserve for posterity the VE Day 75th Anniversary decorations, commemorations and celebrations in the area – you didn’t let us down!

Anita Dervey on our Facebook page put it perfectly for us: “Well done to all the people who made a great effort and created lots of smiles!”

If you live in Hedon then consider entering the “Best Dressed House” competition and send your best photos through to including your name, address and telephone number by Monday 11 May.

The photos will load in random order each time.

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