Clapping for our Carers – Thursdays 8pm

‘Clapping for our Carers’ has become part of everyone’s calendar now on a Thursday at 8pm. It has been observed in Hedon since March 29th and we’ve seen and heard some wonderful experiences. Neighbours, over fences, walls and across roads have spoken for the first time. Good neighbourliness and community spirit have developed around and grown via the weekly round of applause.

Christopher Winter plays the bagpipes – Photo by Jim Uney

The sounds of singing “We’ll meet again!” on Inmans and on Ketwell Lane in Hedon in previous weeks captured the mood and hopeful anticipation for the eventual relaxation of lockdown measures. The scenes and sounds of Christopher Winter playing his bagpipes on Brevere Road created a wonderful mood in that part of Inmans and photos and videos of him were shared widely on social media. The scene of 7-year-old Harry Booth, a Beaver from Preston, clapping for the key workers in his uniform on St. George’s Day, made it to the front page of the Holderness Gazette.

If you have stories or photos you want to share from ‘Clapping for our Carers’ or from other shows of solidarity with our essential workers – then e-mail them to hu12@gmx.com with the details of who, where and when.

Clapping for our Carers and other Essential Workers – TONIGHT and EVERY THURSDAY at 8pm.

** Please DO NOT SET OFF FIREWORKS. Dog owners, including NHS workers who have contacted us, obviously support the clapping for carers but have said about the stress caused to their animals.

Hedon Beaver Harry Booth Clapping for the NHS – Photo by his mum Nicky Allison.


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