Coronavirus Epidemic

Help available during coronavirus – Help us spread the word!

We have a leaflet to deliver and are asking for help.

We have published the following leaflet and want to make sure it reaches those who might be in need.  We want to reach people in Hedon, Preston, Paull, Thorngumbald and Ryehill.

Can you share the information online? Can you deliver leaflets down your street?

Every home has a letterbox, but not every home has a computer or TV. Leaflets are longer-lasting and can have far more impact than digital messages. So be aware that your help with delivering these coronavirus leaflets is an essential service.

In Hedon, on the back of the leaflet, will be information advertising the VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations and ‘Best Dressed House’ competition.

**Anyone offering to help needs to be fit, feeling well and not self-isolating. We will issue advice to volunteers on delivering safely**

Can you help? Preferably e-mail with your name and address to offer help delivering and please be specific about which street(s) you can do. We’ll email the advice back to you. Contact Ray on 01482 893573 if email doesn’t work.

The leaflet:

You can download and print off the leaflet here: Hedon and District Community Support leaflet v2

In Hedon only, the leaflet will have this on the back:

Download here: VE Day Competition flyer bw


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