Iron Man visit to Inmans and Westlands estates in Hedon – Fri 24 April

IRON MAN will be visiting Hedon on Friday 24 April. Get your cameras and phones ready for photos. Families will be able to see him from a safe distance from their gardens, windows and doorways from 10 am on the following streets:

Brevere Road (at the bend)
Guy Garth
Poultney Garth
Constable Garth
Grenville Road
Bond Street
Inmans Road (turning Right)

(Cutting through the school snicket)

Charles Street
Acklam Road then turning Right
Thorn Road
St Nicholas Gate

(Cutting back through school snicket)

Alfred Garth
Holcroft Garth
Fleet Garth
Beck Garth
Albina Garth.

After this Iron Man will be visiting:

Drapers Lane
Westlands Road.

Send any photos you wish to share, to email: hu12@gmx.com

More about Iron Man at Facebook: www.facebook.com/IronManHull/

Photo: courtesy of Shaun Sykes.

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