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Hedon Responders against COVID-19 – Mutual Aid volunteers step forward

FOLLOWING a question from Alex Camplin from Active Withernsea whether there was an active volunteer group in Hedon to respond to pending requests for help from people in Hedon during the coronavirus crisis, it was realised that a group needed to be set up to help people as soon as possible.

Within 12 hours of an appeal on Hedon Blog Facebook Page, a group of up to 17 people had stepped forward and were making links with the East Riding Coronavirus Community Support Hub. A Facebook Group to support the volunteers has been set up and Government guidance on ‘helping safely’ shared with would-be volunteers.

The ‘Hedon Responders against COVID-19 Mutual Aid’ group of volunteers, includes people from Hedon, Preston and Thorngumbald so far and aims to work in the interim period until the formal Government-backed NHS Volunteer Responders are established – indeed many offering support have already registered as NHS responders and are just waiting to hear.

The group of volunteers aim to offer immediate help where needed in the Hedon and District area and offer pick-up and delivery services of essential supplies to isolated people not receiving help from friends, family or neighbours.

The group has registered the details of those offering to volunteer with the East Riding support hub. Helping the new group is Lisa Chambers who works with the Hull Street Angels Trinity which has members across Holderness.

If you are already offering to volunteer during the crisis, perhaps having registered as an NHS volunteer responder, and would like to join the interim group, then in the first instance you need to read and study the Government guidance on helping safely, and then complete the online form here:

Click and Read Guidance: Coronavirus: How to help safely – GOV.UK

I would like to offer help in the pick-up and delivery services of essential supplies to isolated people in the Hedon and District area (surrounding villages). By completing this form you are also sharing its contents with the East Riding Coronavirus Community Support Hub:

NOTE: The local group stepped down after the first lockdown in 2020.

For general information and useful links on the coronavirus pandemic, go to our HOME page.

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  1. Hi Sylvia – and the rest of you folks who have responded. There are too many of you to respond individually so this is a BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have got in touch to offer help. Your details are being sent to the East Riding Council Community Support Hub and I can report that some jobs (1 at least) have already been undertaken as a result of contacts made via our Facebook Appeal. If you are on Facebook, we have a support group set up for you at: Hedon Responders against COVID-19 Mutual Aid – Support Group – for volunteers only please. Please join us on there. Again, many thanks.

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