Coronavirus Epidemic

Community spirit and solidarity during coronavirus outbreak

Those who experienced the positive outpouring of support for our Carers and NHS workers on Thursday 26 March at 8pm, can not fail to have been moved: As residents across Hedon, joined millions across the country, and took part in a standing ovation to the stars of our health care system, a local town councillor reported on Facebook that it made him cry with emotion. 

The situation in Draper’s Lane was probably similar to other areas; at exactly 8pm it was quiet, there was the sound of shuffling at doorways and in gardens, then a voice piped up in the dark: “Aren’t we supposed to be clapping?” – and then it started, a great cacophony of applause, cheers and banging, and even a couple of loud firework bangs. Across Hedon, the same story was reported with bells, pots and pans being clattered as well in some places. The spirit of solidarity of Hedon residents to those working on our behalf has been tremendous.

Local people have shown their support formally, too. Many have signed up to the new NHS Volunteer Responders. Organisations have registered with the Coronavirus Community Support Hub at Beecan.

As well as the formally sanctioned volunteering activity, the community willingness to support others, has prevailed in the town with some shops organising special deliveries, and basket collections of goods for those isolated and in need.

Eastside Community Sports Trust has recognised a gap in personal protection equipment: “There is a push for safety equipment for our NHS hospitals. Eastside would like to appeal to everybody who may have spare PPE, like safety goggles to donate them to help in the fight against Covid19. We will act as a point of contact and will collect and provide them to our stars at the NHS with any donated equipment.” Can you help? Please contact 07988 194 956 or message via Facebook:

People are shopping and getting essential supplies for others (family, friends, neighbours, even complete strangers) as well as themselves. Local businesses and suppliers considered essential by the Government have stepped up to the mark. Do give them your custom, support and thanks, but you must practice social distancing to keep yourself, them and others safe and prevent infection.  Local Suppliers operating during the crisis.

The Government is warning that the Coronavirus outbreak will get worse before it gets better. Everyone can help by following the Government’s simple but crucial advice: STAY HOME – and if out for essential business, then practice the rule to STAY AWAY from others by at least 2 metres (6 feet). And WASH HANDS for 20 seconds after you get back.

Are you helping others whether formally or as good neighbourliness to family, friends or others? Read the Government’s advice:

Coronavirus: How to help safely.

See other essential information on HU12 Online: Coronavirus (COVID-19) information.

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