United Towing Company – Exhibition at Hedon Museum – March to April 2020

UPDATE – The Museum will close to the public from Wed 25 March until further notice due to the ongoing concerns with coronavirus (COVID-19) and Government guidelines:

THE NEW SEASON 2020 at HEDON MUSEUM starts on Wednesday 4 March with an opportunity to learn about a proud maritime tradition on the Humber. Hull-based United Towing Co. Ltd. was the leading towing and salvage company in the UK at the peak of its 70-year history. That history will be reflected in model ships and other displays during the Museum’s opening exhibition from March 4 until April 18th.

Museum Press Officer, Katy Miller, explains:

“We begin the year at Hedon Museum with maritime history, something vital to the Humber economy. In 1920, seven companies joined forces to form United Towing Co Ltd, and were mostly involved in river and coastal towage but, in 1925, the first ocean towage was performed. The tow cost £3,600 pounds. That is approximately £153,000 in today’s money. In the following years, United Towing Co became a familiar sight in the oceans of the world.

“In the late 1980s, United Towing Co withdrew from the world’s oceans, but its memory is kept alive. The immediate objective in the modern era is to keep alive the memory of the company, its tugs and crews.”

ADMISSION IS FREE. The exhibition runs from 4th March – 21 March. Opening times are Wednesdays and Saturdays 10am – 4pm. Refreshments are available. Souvenirs and pre-loved books for sale.

Photo: Hedon Museum.

Stairlift accessibility to exhibition room:

Visit: Hedon Museum

Safeguarding the heritage of the town of Hedon.

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