Hedon Museum: Remembering the outbreak of World War 2

“Keep the Home Fires Burning” is an Exhibition marking 80 years of the outbreak of World War 2 and is at Hedon Museum from Wednesday 11 September until Saturday 2 November 2019.

At 11.15am on the morning of 3 September 1939 the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, announced that the British deadline for the withdrawal of invading German troops from Poland had expired and consequently Britain was at war with Germany.

The total world warfare would last until the Japanese formal surrender on 2 September 1945. Britain was referred to as the ‘Home Front’ during the war as it affected every walk of life.

During the second world war an estimated total of 70–85 million people perished, which was about 3% of the world population (Wikipedia).

Free Admission. Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10am – 4pm. Refreshments available. Pre-loved books for sale.

Brand new stairlift accesibility to exhibition room:

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