Follow the Blogger Bikers in amazing journey!

“Well we started with a plan to leave the UK and then undertake a round trip via Russia, China and India…”– Guy and Carol, November 2017.

Almost two years in the planning, local bikers, Guy and Carol, leave for India in a few days time where they will meet up with their bikes (named Poppy and Daisy) which will be flown there separately. Then, over a five month road trip beginning in April, which involves visiting several countries, they will journey back to the UK on their bikes.

Kindly, the adventurous couple have allowed us to follow their journey which they will ‘blog’ as they go along. You can catch up with some of their earlier blog posts in the right-hand sidebar on HU12 Online. And as they blog their journey, you’ll be able to click-through and read their updates and see their photographs of the journey.

You can also follow their adventures directly at their Blog:

The Big Trip 2019 – Our life with bikes, a blog by Carol and Guy

Let the adventure begin… (my comments are in brackets – Ray, Hedon Blog)

Day 60 – Tashkent bike service and undergrounds

Day 59 – Kokand to Tashkent (and “sat in a real pub again!”)

Day 58 – Andijan to Kokand

Day 57 – Osh to Andijan the Uzbekistan border (their 5th country!)

Day 56 – Osh

Day 55 – Osh

Day 54 – Road to Osh

Day 53 – Kashgar to Kyrgyzstan (and Welcome to Kyrgyzstan. Carol and Guy’s 4th Country.)

Day 52 – Kashgar

Day 51 – Tashkurgan to Kashgar (and some great photos of the Chinese landscape)

Day 50 – Tahskurgan will we get our bikes back

“We made it to China, hope to get our bikes back today. Everything firewalled. So no blogs, Facebook, WhatsApp. Normal service should be back Sunday (12 May).”

Day 49 – Sost to Tashkurgan – The Chinese Border (and nearly a full day passing through!)

Day 48 – Hunza to Sost

Look at the following link to discover where in the world our amazing Blogger Bikers are:

Day 47 – Hunza

Day 46 Gilgit to Hunza (and some beautiful scenery)

Day 44 – Chilas to Gilgit a tale of two halves

Day 43 – Besham to Chilas will we make it alive? (Some scary moments!)

Day 42 – Manshera to Besham (more police escorts, and Carol has a fall!)

Day 41 – Islamabad to Manshera… (and of interest to the Police!)

Day 40 – Islamabad

Day 39 – Lahore to Islamabad

Day 38 – Lahore – We are tourists

Day 37 – Amritsar to Lahore – Goodbye India, Hello Pakistan!

Day 36 – Amritsar, Wagah Border and Golden Temple (our last day in India!)

Day 35 – Amritsar – Will we get the bikes operational?

Day 34 – Ludhiana to Amritsar (and bike troubles!)

Day 33 – Ludhiana

Day 32 – Rishkesh – Nahan – Ludhiana

A few days in the mountains!

Day 28 – Kurukshetra to Roorkee (worst day on the roads so far… and Carol’s face when she sees a rat!)

Day 27 – Hisar to Kurukshetra

Day 26 – Hisar

Day 25 – Churu to Hisar (and worries about getting daily cash! Plus some Blog stats)

Day 24 – Nagaur to Churu

Day 23 – Jodhpur to Nagaur

Day 22 – Last day in Jodhpur

Day 21 – Three weeks in a foreign land

Day 20 – Jodhpur

Day 19 – Kumbhalgarh to Jodhpur Via Om Banna Temple (and the ghost of a biker?)

Day 18 – Udaipur to the little known Kumbhalgarh (and another fort)

Day 17 – Udaipur

Day 16 – Udaipur tourists again for 2 days

Day 15 – Kharwar to Udaipur

Day 14 – Jaipur to Kharwa Fort

Day 13 – The Pink City (and pics of local food)

Day 12 – Jaipur Forts

Day 11 – Agra to Jaipur

Day 10 – Tourists in Agra (and at the Taj Mahal)

Day 9 – Riding in India (and an accident!)

Day 8 – Preparation for the onward journey

Day 7 – Is it Birthday or Bike day?

Day 6 – Tourists with Delhi belly!

Day 5 – Are we ill?

Day 4 – Do we get our bikes?

Day 3 – Happy Holi

Day 2 A little calmer in Delhi and in our heads

Day 1 Delhi-Oh what an eye opener

Hedon to Delhi


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