Hedon Remembers – Centenary Memorial Events

The Hedon Remembrance Parade and Service this year on Sunday 11th November will be significantly poignant as the country and the world marks the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended The Great War of 1914-1918. Also, in a special, and what promises to be a moving experience, the ‘Beacon of Light’ event takes place in the evening, when the town beacon will be lit and the new Hedon War Memorial will be unveiled. 

The Remembrance Parade and Service (daytime) (approximate times):

10:30am The Royal British Legion, Organisations, Hedon Town Councillors and the Band and Members of the Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force will assemble at the Hedon Market Place.

10:40am Parade will proceed to St. Augustine’s Church for the Remembrance Service (via Church Gate and Church Lane).

11:40am Parade re-assembles on Church Lane and proceed to the Hedon Cenotaph at Ivy Lane Cemetery for the laying of wreaths.

12:00pm Parade re-assembles and returns to the Market Place via Ivy Lane, Church Lane, New Road, St Augustine’s Gate where the formal salute will be taken by the Deputy Lieutenant of the East Riding and the Hedon Mayor.

The Beacon of Light Armistice Memorial (evening):

Gather at Market Hill, Hedon, for:

6:25pm Unveiling of the Hedon War Memorial

6:30pm Choir (from Hedon and Inmans Primary Schools)

7:00pm Minutes Silence. Lighting of the Hedon Beacon.

7:02pm Reading by the 672nd Mayor of Hedon.

7:05pm Ringing of the Church Bells.

7:20pm Armistice Centenary Commemoration Concert. St Augustine’s Church which includes an exhibition courtesy of Hedon Museum of “When the Guns Fell Silent”.

Running Order in the Church:

Welcome by the Rev. G. Smethurst.
Hedon Handbell Ringers.
“Service” by Rev. M. Drew.
“MCMXIV (1914)” – Philip Larkin read by Mr. D. Thompson.
“The Send Off” – Wilfred Owen read by Cllr. S. Gallant.
“They” – Siegfried Sassoon read by Mr. A. Hay.
“My Boy Jack” – Rudyard Kipling read by Mr. D. Thompson and Cllr. S. Gallant.

“REMEMBRANCE” by Rev. P. West.

The “Singing” Councillors:
“Pack Up Your Troubles”, “Lilli Marlene”, and “Keep The Home Fires Burning”.

“THANKSGIVING” by Mr. M. Hubbard.


Trooper Alexander Jamieson read by Me. A. Hay.
Corporal Reginald Haine read by Cllr. J. Dennis.
Corporal Clifford Lane read by Mr. A. Hay.
Sergeant Major Richard Tobin read by Cllr. J. Dennis.
The Kitchener Chap – Anontmous read by Mr. D. Thompson.
The Veteran – Margaret Postgate Cole read by Cllr. B. Goldspink.
For the Fallen – Laurence Binyon read by The 672nd Mayor Cllr. S. Gallant.

“PEACE” read by Rev. T. Parker.

HEDON MIXED VOICE CHOIR. Musical Director: Mrs. G. Hanslip. Pianist: Mrs. C. Boville.

Goodby Dolly Gray.
Roses of Picardy.
If You Were the Only Girl in the World.
WW1 Chorus Medley.

JERUSALEM by William Blake.

Refreshments will be provided by Hedon Women’s Institute and St. Augustine’s Ladies.

Information about road closures.

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