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Wednesday Writings – Lament of a Manager – By David Thompson

We are delighted to see more work by David Thompson appear in Wednesday Writings:

Lament of a Manager
By David Thompson.

Oh to be a postman,
To have a job that`s just a job,
To do away with stress,
And earn an honest bob,
The grinding wheels of commerce,
I have oiled for many a year,
But demands upon my soul,
Challenge all that I hold dear,
Of deadlines, sales and contracts,
I`ve more than had my fill,
Instead of easing off a bit,
I`m still biking hard uphill,
With mad dogs I`ll take my chances,
And letter boxes high and low,
My dodgy knee might not withstand it,
But at least I`ll have a go,
I`ve had enough of serving mammon,
And his profit sharing scheme,
I`d tell him where to stick his job,
For a bit of self esteem,
Never mind the bloody pension,
If only I could find,
Through the clamour of this prozac world
Some blessed peace of mind.

This was written when at a low point at work, and expresses for me the increasing everyday stresses and strains of management, of dealing with deadlines, the boss, and demanding clients. My apologies to all postmen. – David Thompson

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