Hedon Blog to merge with HU12 Online

cropped-cropped-hedon-blog-banner-sept-2013-new1.jpgAS part of streamlining our reporting function the Hedon Blog is to become formally part of HU12 Online with all of our Hedon news beginning to be featured on that site.

HU12 Online snip June 2016The Hedon Blog has been a labour of love for founder and editor Ray Duffill who runs the community website as a non-profit venture. However, the difficulties of maintaining and regularly updating two websites has become time and resource intensive.

Wordle - About Hedon Blog

This ‘wordle’ captured one day’s blogging in December 2014

HU12 Online (over the next few weeks) will become the place to catch up with the latest news, events, photos and information about the town of Hedon. The aim is to make HU12 Online more commercially viable with advertising playing a bigger part in efforts to ensure that it can continue its job of reporting local news into the future.

HU12 Online will feature predominantly news from South West Holderness but will continue to plug other stuff from other places in Holderness subject to material regularly being sent in from correspondents in those areas.

HU12 Online text header-002The rich history and ‘slice of life’ of Hedon captured by Hedon Blog since February 2009 will not be lost. Whilst the website address will soon begin to direct readers to HU12 Online, the basic contents of the original Hedon Blog will still be available at although in a simpler form and no longer updated. Lots of our features and services (Wednesday Writings, Sunday Photos, etc) will simply be transferred to HU12 Online.

HU12 Online has recently had a facelift and it is hoped that readers will find the new website experience fresh, exciting and easy-to-navigate. The website has been transferred to a new and supportive web hosting company which will enable it to operate much more efficiently than before and better cope with the increased visitor numbers.

Whilst several challenges remain, especially maintaining the financial viability of the news reporting service in difficult economic circumstances, the concentration on one web portal will obviously help.

This article will be republished on HU12 Online.
Hedon Blog Window Poster standard snip

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  1. You’ve served Hedon well for many years Ray – we have been lucky to have you report on our local issues.


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