Guides Appeal – Help us find our Kelly Kettle!

Kelly Kettle

Hedon Methodist Church Lane

Methodist Church – Did you see anything?

THIS is a Kelly Kettle and went missing from outside the Hedon Methodist Church on Tuesday night (14 June 2016) between 8 – 8:30pm. The Kelly Kettle was in a box as new when it was removed from next to a car in the carpark.

Kelly Kettles are a camping kettle used to boil water very quickly and is obviously a very useful item when used by the rightful owners – Hedon Guides.

If you have any information about the Kelly Kettle, have been offered it for sale, or saw anything suspicious at the Methodist Church car park on Tuesday night please contact hedonblog@gmx.com and we will pass the information on to the Guides or police as appropriate.

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  1. Hi,

    very sorry to see that your Kelly Kettle has been taken and hopefully it will show up. Hopefully the perpetrators of the crime have an appreciation for a very good product and enjoy the outdoor life and not one behind bars.

    We will of course be only to happy to send you a Kelly Kettle free of charge. Just send us an email to info@kellykettle.com with your shipping address and explaining the situation.

    Kind regards,

    Seamus Kelly
    Kelly Kettle Company

  2. Was the kettle found? If not please can we set up a funding page for the Guides to buy a new one? I was a leader at Hedon Guides before moving to Selby and am now a leader here. I know how much this means to the unit and would like to make a donation towards it!

    Thank you

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