Residents campaign to crowd-fund flood alleviation expert “nearly there”

Hedon Flood Tests - October 2010RESIDENTS in the Magdalen Lane area of Hedon have launched a financial appeal to employ an independent engineering consultant to review the flood alleviation scheme proposed as part of a plan to build new homes on Wychcroft field on the lane. See background articles on the blog.

Margaret Murray reports that the crowd-funding campaign has almost been successful in raising the £1,000+ pledges needed:

“There has been a very good response to the request for donations towards the cost of an Independent Consultant’s review of the flood alleviation plans for the 28 houses proposed for Magdalen Lane (Wychcroft Field).”

“We are nearly there, however, the total amount required has not been reached yet, so any donations would be most welcome by e-mailing with a pledge amount.”

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