Foul odours? – Smart complaints most effective

Protest - Rachel Cliffe

A reminder: The Stench at Saltend Facebook group is still active… Photo: Copyright Hedon Blog.

pea pod costumeThe Pea Harvest season will soon be upon us – and for local folk that means (not peas to look forward to!) but the ominous threat of increased odours from Yorkshire Water’s Waste Treatment Works at Saltend.

With the £30 million being spent at the Saltend site, and that work near completion, the potential for smells this pea season should be really low. But just in case, this serves as a reminder about how to report odour incidents:

The most EFFECTIVE COMPLAINTS are SMART COMPLAINTS – those that state specifically WHERE you were located when experiencing the offensive smell, and at WHAT TIME on the DATE of your complaint. 

Whilst most residents know the source of the smell is the sewage works, it is essential that other possible sources are discounted. You will be asked to describe the smell as best you can.

Record your complaints to

  1. Yorkshire Water Hedon Customer Drop In Centre on 0345 120 23 44.
  2. East Riding of Yorkshire Council on 01482 396301.
  3. Also record at Reporting Smells to the ER Council.

Note: We have previously advised the use of the excellent FixMyStreet service to report foul odours, but on this occasion, due to the need to get smart complaints, we are asking people to only use the reporting mechanisms listed above.

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