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Acetylated wood products processing plant planned for Saltend

A planning application to construct a facility to manufacture acetylated wood products at a BP Chemicals site at Saltend was discussed at the Hedon Town Council planning committee last night.

BP chemicals towers

The wood acetylation development will be similar in appearance and height to other facilities in the immediate vicinity.

Tricoya Technologies Limited (TTL) are applying for permission to build an ‘acetylation plant’ at the Saltend Chemicals Park.

Consultant, Malcolm Joslin, acting as agent for TTL explained that acetylation was the process by which softwoods are treated with acetyls which strengthen them to attain the durability and properties of hardwoods like mahogany. This means that products and applications requiring a hardwood constituency would be able to be produced much more inexpensively through using the acetylated wood.

Wood pellets and ‘raw wood materials’ would arrive at the site and be processed using acetyls, which are an acetic acid based product already made at BP Chemicals. The acetylated wood would be stored in a silo before being dispatched off the site to continue the production process elsewhere. The traffic in and the traffic out of the site would be no more than 8 trucks a day, with 4-6 vehicles being the norm.

Hedon Town Councillors quizzed Mr Joslin about the facility and the process. Would it smell? Would it pollute? Would there be any toxic waste products or hazardous substances produced? 

Following the exchange of questions and answers Hedon Town Councillors agreed that on the information given, and on assurances that there would be only a small increase in traffic, they had no cause to object to the planning application, subject to the application not receiving any objections from other agencies.

If planning permission is granted there will be some limited job opportunities during the construction phase of the project (up to 110 jobs) and up to 30 involved in the operation of the facility.

To have a look at the planning application documents go to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s planning portal website and search for reference: 16/00916/CM

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  1. Similar concerns raised by Preston councillors,with regards to additional traffic environmental concerns,assurances from Dr Joslin that additional traffic to site would be light and avoid entering Preston,also noted was the impact from construction traffic.Preston council will monitor the development

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