New Hedon Mayor and Deputy announced 2016-17

COUNCILLOR Neil Black has been nominated once again as the Mayor of Hedon for the civic year commencing 26th May 2016. The Deputy Mayor nominated is Councillor Steve Gallant.

Mayor Neil Black Mayoress Linda Black

Hedon Mayor Councillor Neil Black and Mayoress Mrs Linda Black.

If the Mayor Making ceremony takes place as expected on Thursday 26th May, Councillor Black will become the 670th Hedon Mayor.

Speaking at the Annual Town Meeting last month, the Mayor spoke about the highlights of his civic year and the many delightful functions he has participated in as the civic ambassador for the town. Of those, one of his favourites was representing Hedon at the London Guildhall when Hedon’s civic mace – the oldest in the country – was displayed alongside London treasure, the beautiful Crystal Sceptre. See: London fascination with little old Hedon.

Councillor Black was also delighted to meet the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, on his recent pilgrimage trip to Hedon. “I hadn’t been invited to walk with the Archbishop, so was totally surprised when he popped into my shop to say ‘Hello’.

“He was really interested in a painting that I’d been selling for years, and although I offered to give it to him, he insisted on paying for it.

“What a thoroughly nice fellow!”

Informal meeting with Mayor and Mayoress

Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu pops in at Frames of Hedon to informally meet the Mayor and Mayoress


Pennies snipThe Annual Mayormaking ceremony takes place on Thursday 26th May 2016 and is immediately followed by the Hedon Penny Throwing.

Note to parents: Children seeking pennies should get to Hedon Town Hall for 7:00 pm!

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