Neighbourhood Watch – In your street?

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH is the well-known and trusted scheme that involves neighbours and the police working together to create safer and friendlier communities. Successful schemes can reduce incidents of burglaries, make communities more ‘crime aware’ and promote effective crime prevention activities. They can also help neighbours to get to know each other should they wish and generate good neighbourliness.

Neighbourhood Watch signHedon currently has two Neighbourhood Watch (NW) schemes in operation, one on Ivy Lane and another at the Holderness Grange Lifestyle Village, but the East Riding of Yorkshire Council is keen to see an increase in the number of schemes in Hedon.

New schemes in Hedon could be based on a single street with one or more coordinators agreeing to take responsibility for running and managing the scheme. Maureen Yates is the Community Crime Reduction and Resilience Officer for the council, and on the council’s website, she explains in more detail the process of setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme (See: East Riding Council – Neighbourhood Watch Groups).

Based upon having a higher number of schemes operating in Hedon, the plan would be to bring together those groups once or twice a year with the police, the council and other partner agencies to agree on effective strategies to tackle local crime issues in the area.

Hedon Blog regularly receives crime alerts from the police, NW and Action Fraud and when particularly relevant to the local area will publish this information on the blog for the information of residents. And one of the benefits of modern Neighbourhood Watch is the convenience of being able to use *social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) in this way to quickly spread the word about local crime and crime prevention advice. And whilst social media contact can never replace the real contact and good neighbourliness that you can build up through setting up an actual NW scheme down your street, it is another set of tools that local coordinators can use to strengthen their scheme.

For existing and new schemes the Hedon Blog will be available to NW coordinators to share any news and information that they feel might benefit their scheme. Just send to and we will publish and circulate appropriately.

*Note: Of course, regular users of social media need to be careful about what they publish online; telling your Facebook friends how much you’re looking forward to your holiday might seem innocent enough, but who else can see your news and discover when your house is going to be empty!

If you are interested in setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme in your street and would like further information, contact the Community and Crime Reduction Resilience Officer, Maureen Yates, at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Email: or telephone: 01482 391013.

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  1. Thanks for putting this out Ray, the formation of NW groups is to be greatly encouraged.
    Insurance industry figures show that homes in NW areas are TEN TIMES LESS LIKELY to be burgled than those which are not.
    The ERYC have worked very hard to increase the interest in the scheme and Maureen Yates has had great success in doing so, and should be congratulated. She has increased the number of groups across the county from 80 three years ago to around 250 now. A great result I think we would all agree.
    However, Hedon’s residents seem not to have grasped the opportunity to improve their home security, and potentially save on their insurance premiums.
    All it takes is 2 or 3 neighbours to agree to promote the idea and take those initial steps. Believe me it’s worth it. We have had the Ivy Lane NW up and running for many years, and it works, plus of course, as Ray says it’s a great way to meet people and develop friendships.
    Why not contact Maureen to find out how to proceed.

    Cllr. John Dennis

    Vice Chairman ERYC
    Ward Member SW Holderness
    Hedon Town Councillor

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