Statement from the Editor

Republished comment posted 3pm, Thursday 28th April 2016 on Bye, Bye HedFest:

I am asking readers to have a good long last look at these excellent photos of HedFest (hyperlink above -Ed) – approximately 13 of these were taken by the then Hedon Blogger (until 22nd April 2016) Rachel Cliffe.

Rachel was acting as a Hedon Blogger when taking these photos and many people did then, and still do associate her with the Hedon Blog. However, because of a personal dispute between Rachel and I, which has got nothing to do with the Hedon Blog or HU12 Online, she is demanding we take down her photographic works. Rachel was working with the Hedon Blog / HU12 Online at the time these were taken so ‘ownership’ of the photos is not a clear issue and agreement to publish was by verbal mutual arrangement rather than any written agreement.

Whilst still a trusted Hedon Blogger with rights to publish articles and make changes to this website, Rachel opted to delete all her own articles (a quite impressive portfolio of work) and other material she felt she had created.

However, out of respect to my former colleague, I aim to abide by Rachel’s wishes (once receiving a formal instruction from her specifying which items she wants removing) but thought it worthwhile to give readers some explanation of the occasions of broken hyperlinks and lost material.

I reaffirm what I said on 15th August 2015, notwithstanding the unwarranted deletion of blog files, I have a lot of respect for the work of Rachel and the contribution she has made towards Hedon Blog and HU12 Online.

Ray Duffill