BURGLAR ALERT! Shop and Pub amongst Hedon premises burgled this week


On Tuesday morning (26th April 2016) in the early hours, the Go! Photo Studio was the target of a burglary.

Owner of the business on Watmough’s Arcade, Vicky Benge, told us: burglar-publicity-image-001“The lowlife broke into my photography studio in Hedon and stole my computers. Obviously, all my work is backed up off site so all my hard work and customers photos are safe. The computers are both locked by password and locked out afterwards via the internet, so they will have no access to what’s on them, plus it looked like the idiots dropped and smashed one of the computers whilst ripping it off my desk, so it will be absolutely no use to them.”

Vicky was keen that the attack on her business serves to make other people and other businesses more burglar-aware and raise their level of vigilance.

The morning before, Monday 25th April around 2.00 am, The Shakespeare Inn was also burgled. Readers are also telling us that other Hedon properties have been targeted this week.

Police UK SNEN


The public can support the police force in tackling burglary by reporting those acting suspiciously. The police would rather turn up and interview a suspicious character and it turn out to be a false alarm – than miss stopping a crime in progress. Always call 999 if you believe there is a burglary in progress.

Everyone has a role in tackling burglars by not buying stolen goods. Burglars will often try to sell on goods that they steal. People should be wary of anyone selling cut-price goods. If you buy stolen property, you are committing an offence and are liable for prosecution

Any information about those committing offences or handling stolen goods, call the police non-emergency number on 101. Alternatively, call the Crimestoppers charity anonymously online, or on 0800 555 111.

Always call 999 in emergencies.

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  1. Businesses and home owners beware – we (Johnson’s) had goods stolen on Sunday 1st May…the culprits had the cheek to ask me to ring them a taxi – which they then did a runner from without paying! They were caught on cctv and the taxi office (and police) are aware of their identity. So watch out!


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