London Marathon, Medal-winning, Fitmums!

MEDAL WINNERS: Supporters of Tina Begg and Patricia Hay have been quick to congratulate them on successfully completing the London Marathon on Sunday. The Hedon Blog has received a number of messages and emails about the dynamic duo.

This photo showing Hedon Fitmums members Patricia and Tina with their medals (Fitmums & Friends Steve Lamb in the centre) was sent to us from three different sources!

Pat and Tina with medals 2

Congratulations! Pat and Tina with their medals

Patricia tells us: “We had a wonderful time at the London Marathon.

“Tina ran like the wind and finished in 4 hours 20 mins and 45 seconds, and I took 5 hours and 24 seconds.

The weather was kind, sunny and dry, and although the roar of the crowd at some points around the course was deafening, it was always encouraging.

Each runner there is a winner.”

Friend Linda Kelly also pointed out: “Pat Hay achieved her amazing goal on her 61st birthday!” Yes, it was Patricia’s birthday on the day of the Marathon – what a way to celebrate!

Tina and Patricia would like to thank all the friends and family who have supported them on their ‘marathon journey’ and those who have donated to their chosen charities, Prostate Cancer UK, and Martin House Children’s Hospice.

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