Fitmums “Tri-Half” fun – and for a good cause!

At Tri Half start 2 ribbonHEDON at The Station pub garden was the starting point on Sunday for the Hedon Tri-Half event organised by Hedon Fitmums & Friends, a three-part ‘race’ of half marathon distance. Over 70 people took part in 28 teams with each walking 3 miles, running 5 miles and cycling 5 miles.

Julie Fenton briefing 2

Briefing event

The Station was the base of operations for the day with stalls set up and a bouncy castle for the children complementing the swings already in the pub’s beer garden

The event had been organised for a good cause with funds being raised for the Life for a Kid charity which aims to help children under the age of 16 by offering funds and equipment particularly for those needing life saving or life changing operations. Kris Clarke from Fitmums had dressed up in style to enjoy the occasion – Kris had got sponsored to get his legs waxed later in the day. Ouch!

Kris Clarke

Kris Clarke – legs waxed for charity

Nikki Julie Gemma Fitmums

Nikki Grundy, Julie Fenton and Gemma Wolfe

Julie Fenton, the founder of Hedon Fitmums, says that with monies still coming in, it’s likely that around £700 has been raised for Life for a Kid.

The concept of the Hedon “Tri-Half” was Julie’s, but she expressed her thanks in particular to Nikki Grundy and Gemma Wolfe for putting the work in and making the event happen.


Hedon Fitmums and Friends on Facebook to get feedback on each of the runs and sessions.

Thanks to Team Wolfe for the lone cyclist photo.

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