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Old Station Car Park Scheme gets £10k support

Old railway station car park

HEDON Town Council has been successful in receiving a grant from the High Street Fund for its railway station Car Park scheme.

Cllr Gordon Thurston

Cllr Gordon Thurston

£10,000 has been granted by the High Street Fund (administered by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council) to extend the car park at the site of the old railway station located at Preston Road/Souttergate junction.

The success in obtaining a grant was announced by Councillor Gordon Thurston, chair of the town council’s Finance & General Purposes committee, at the annual Hedon town meeting held last Thursday (14th April 2016). The scheme is expected to be further funded by the East Riding Council directly and when complete will see an additional 38 parking spaces constructed to complement the existing 14 spaces currently available.

The scheme is not without its controversy, however, as it relies on more visitors to the town centre opting to park up at the former Hedon railway station land and make the short 5-10 minute walk into Hedon centre. There are also concerns that the development at the old railway station might spoil the appearance and historic character of the area.

The Annual Town meeting was attended by councillors in their capacity as members of the public, but only three non-councillors came along, so quite a poor turn-out to hear the news.

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  1. Just hope it’s not full of kids and youngster in cars. As I live opposite. But the idea of a tarmac path down the track to hull is a fantastic idea.

  2. The High Street Fund grant of £10,000 awarded to Hedon Town Council for the Railway Station car park scheme has now obliterated the original main reason for the increased rate precept of the Town Council for the financial year 2016-2017, as I see it,( please see comments on this website dated Jan 27th 2016 by Councillor Steve Gallant).

    Now that Hedon Town Council’s £10,000 share of the costly project has been produced, I do hope that the surplus funding (raised by the increased precept ) will not be frittered away on dubious entertainment projects.

    Part of these excess funds should be used to bring Hedon Town Hall up to an improved standard for disabled people as previously discussed over the past years by The Town Council, with money now available, the obsolescent Hearing Assistance Heath Robinson type set up now in operation should be replaced with a up to date Loop System.

    The installation of a lift can now be speeded up, The Town Council now have funds to make a huge difference to amenities, and therefor disabled peoples lives.

    Unfortunately I fear that the new car park extension will be underused for the original purpose, if the surface is to be asphalted and the area illuminated on an evening it will double as a five-a side pitch and may even be a well visited site for travellers!
    Regards, Jim Uney, Hedon.

    • An other car park would be nice but will it be a structured on or just tarmac. To raise money for one people who stay all day on Johnson’s corner. People coming in from the villages [to a large shop] find themselves at a loss where to park.

  3. I think it’s a good idea, it’s not so much of a pretty site anyway and it should help to some extent.

    I would like to see the cycle path tarmaced all the way upto the Hull city boundary. This would give a much safer option of cycling into Hull than the route along Hedon Road.

  4. I usually park at the station when I visit Hedon, it’s a nice short walk in to the town with very little traffic. I’m very pleased they are expanding the site but I think the town needs more traffic warden presence to stop the dangerous parking in the centre.

  5. Will Councillor West be getting the contract to do the work, if so, is this entirely ethical? I’m not necessarily being critical, I don’t really know how these things work, I’m just curious. The car park will be a good thing for Hedon, if people use it.

    • I understood that East Riding of Yorkshire Council owns the land and I assume therefore, they will be responsible, in consultation with Hedon Town Council, for producing and passing any plans for the scheme. If the scheme goes ahead I would think that either the East Riding Council would do the work themselves or put the work out to tender in the usual manner.

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