Death of Hedon stalwart at age 104

WITH deep regret, we report the death of Winifred Wood on Monday 4th April 2016. At 104 years old, she was perhaps Hedon’s oldest resident. I never met Win, but as part of celebrating her 104th birthday in October last year, I discovered all about this Hedon stalwart from her granddaughter, Bev. This formed the basis of an article that appeared in the Holderness Gazette in October.

Bev tells us that her Nana was especially proud of that article. In tribute to Win, we republish it today. Condolences to the family and friends of Winifred Wood.

Win’s granddaughter Bev Eyles tells us:  “Till the end she was cheerful, a chatterbox and still smiling.”

The funeral is at Hedon Methodist Church on Friday 22 April at 11:30 am.

Ray Duffill, Editor Hedon Blog and local correspondent for the Holderness Gazette.

Winifred Wood of Hedon celebrated her 104th birthday on Friday 2nd October 2015.

Win lived in Hedon since the 1950’s but was born in Hull 1911 and grew up in Garden Village. She married her husband Bill on Boxing Day in 1929. Bill worked at BP Chemicals and the newly weds moved to nearby Paull. During World War II the couple were living in Hull but the area they lived in was heavily bombed so Win went with her oldest daughter Brenda to live in North Frodingham. Later the whole family lived in Thorngumbald before moving to Hedon. More recently Win lived at Iveson Lodge in sheltered accommodation and since 2007 has lived at Allendale House, Hedon.

Winifred Wood 104 snip

Win Wood on her birthday

Win had two children Brenda and Peter, four grandchildren Iain, Bev, Rachel and Philip and five great-grandchildren Isobel, William, Archie, Emily, and Edward.

The couple were members of the BP social club and had lots of friends in Hedon. They enjoyed camping, coach trips and weekends away.

Win played her own active part in community life in Hedon being a member of the local Royal British Legion and the Women’s Institute, and also volunteered with the Royal National Lifeboats Institute. She collected for the poppy appeal for years and regularly paraded with Women’s British Legion on Remembrance Sunday. She enjoyed being a part of Hedon Chapel and still looks forward to visits from the chaplain.

Win’s granddaughter, Bev Eyles, describes her fun-loving Nan: “She loves a laugh and joke and still wants to keep up with the gossip in Hedon. She loves a Bailey’s drink or a nice cuppa! She used to love dancing and used to go to Johnson’s ballroom. Nan loves music and now has a CD player in her room, whenever you visit she has music blasting out like Shirley Bassey, Elvis, Rod Stewart plus oldies like Doris Day and the Everly Brothers.

“Nan used to be a fab baker! She would definitely get to the finals of today’s ‘Great British Bake Off'”.

“When she was young Granddad had a motorbike and Nan used to ride pillion. She still loves going out despite having to walk with a trolley.

“Her sister, Madge, died last year, they were like bookends always together and they used to remind me of Les Dawson and the two gossiping women over the fence. She is a proper character. Granddad died in 1992 after a second stroke, Nan had looked after him for 5 years after the first one.

“Her daughter Brenda died at only 44 years old,” explained Bev “Nan devoted her life to me and my brother as our mother figure, she was a true angel to us, very, very loving and always supportive, and kind.”

Winifred celebrated her birthday on Friday with a family meal at the Kingstown Hotel in Hedon and no doubt with a tipple of Bailey’s too.

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