Over £4,000 raised at Nice 2b Nice charity firewalking

barefoot hot embers

Scene from the Haven Arms, Hedon on Friday

FIREWALKING is the act of walking barefoot over hot embers; it provides a fantastic spectator and participatory event! And charity Nice 2b Nice with the help of UK Firewalk certainly pulled off a great demonstration of the phenomenon on Saturday night at the Haven Arms in Hedon.

Over £4,000 was raised in sponsorship monies as some 50 barefoot daredevils took part and braved the fire walk. Dave Freer on behalf of Nice 2b Nice offered thanks to the walkers on the group’s Facebook page:

Dave certificate“A big thank you to all that followed through on their promise to walk the flames in aid of Nice 2b Nice – A great turnout, with well over £4000 raised, which is absolutely brilliant and will help us continue the great work we do in providing the specialist equipment that children need in our area.” – Dave Freer pictured here with his UK Firewalk Certificate of congratulations.

The night witnessed the building of tension and excitement as the firewalk was prepared with the setting on fire of tree logs on the pathway. The fire roared and then in about 30 minutes only the flattened burning embers remained.

Logs burning to ashUK Firewalking organiser and expert Scott Bell explained that the hot embers would record a thermometer reading of 600°C – twice as hot as the average oven and similar to the temperatures of a household barbeque. In his talk to get the volunteer fire walkers prepped for their ordeal, Scott advised that if you believed you could walk on fire without burning, and if that was followed through with an intention to commit yourself to doing so – then you could walk on fire! Alternatively, if you thought you would burn, or got complacent on your firewalk then you could and would suffer burns and injury.

Scott Bell takes lead

Scott Bell takes the lead…

Just so each of the fire walkers knew what to expect, each had to sign a disclaimer accepting the risks associated with the activity. There was perhaps an additional risk to walkers on Saturday with the blustery wind grabbing glowing hot embers and threatening to catch ankles and the tops of feet.

Scott promised that all those who took part in the firewalk would get three things afterwards – they would smile, get a certificate of congratulations – and get black feet!

Just after 6:10 pm, Scott Bell took the lead and completed the first walk… and then it was the volunteers turn…

Website: Virgin Money Giving ¦ Fundraising ¦ Nice 2b Nice

Find on Facebook: Nice 2b Nice

collection boxesMore about the charity’s events on the Hedon Blog at Nice 2b Nice.

To see a set of photos from the firewalking event (on photo-sharing website Flickr) click on the image of contented and smiling fire walker, Laura Fisher, below. Walkers and their friends and families can download the photos for free, but do please consider donating a pound the next time you come across a Nice 2b Nice collecting box 🙂

And Nice 2b Nice tell us that the firewalking event will be back next year!
Firewalk Challenge Hedon

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