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History upgrade to town’s wayfarer boards

Hedon Town Council Noticeboard car parkNOTICEBOARDS that help visitors (and residents) find their way around the town centre are likely to get an upgrade in the form of an additional historical map of Hedon. The idea, discussed at the town council meeting last week, will mean that people looking at the wayfarer boards would also be able to discover about the placement of the town’s main historical attractions.

The three wayfarer boards, each located in a different town car park, currently give useful information about the location of the shops, doctors’ surgeries, church buildings, town museum, public toilets and all the town’s seven car parks. The new historical town map would be added as a new display panel graphic on the existing boards.

But as well as the inclusion of the new physical graphic, discussion took place about making the wayfarer boards more interactive by having sections that could be scanned with a mobile phone that would take the user to an appropriate website and source for further information. That might be a simple *QR (quick response) code or could perhaps – the Hedon Blog suggests – be an image that would trigger a more animated and informative response on the user’s mobile?

The launch of the Paull Heritage Trail in May 2010, prompted some quite imaginative ideas about using mobile technologies. One of these was to use the distinctive trail marker posts as places which could be scanned by a mobile phone with a special app that would launch an animated narrator who would explain about the particular history associated with that site. Whilst quite an innovative idea at the time, the new application of **augmented reality in mobile and tablet technologies is now much more commonplace.

It will be extremely interesting to see whether Hedon Town Council explores these new technological approaches to providing public information in any great detail. 

The council will also be looking at the more low-tech but equally exciting prospect of producing a new Hedon Town Guide. The last one published by the council, according to councillors, and long out of print was in the year 2000.

*Note: A QR CODE (Quick Response) is a two-dimensional barcode that can be easily read by smart mobile phones and provides quick and easy access to a website.

** Augmented reality is where a real life view is augmented (added to) by a technology or computer generated view.

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