Grand Opening of The Hub – features new Craft Club plans

NEW: A new drop-in centre is opening in Hedon’s Market Place and it will be holding a weekly Craft Club on Wednesdays. There is a chance to find out more at a Grand Opening this Saturday.

Hub grand opening“The Hub”, in Hedon at 18b Market Place (The Old Mill between Green Print and Cinderella) is being operated by the New Hope Family Church, they have exciting plans for the former shop, but these start with the opening of the Craft Club. The club is for anyone who is interested in learning new craft skills or honing existing ones.

A series of practical demonstrations and workshops will feature in the first six weeks (Wednesday 30th March until Wednesday 4th May 2016) covering subjects such as jewellery making, cross stitch and furniture renovation.  Each session runs from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm and will cost £2 per session (to cover the cost of materials used).

An official Grand Opening for The Hub has been organised for Saturday 19th March 2016 between 10 am and 1 pm. It is an opportunity to have a look around the new centre and find out more.

For more information about The Hub contact 01482 896 235.

Hub craft club programme

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