Dream Wedding won by Eastside Gym’s Mike and Katie!

Mike and Katie winners

YouTube – Mike and Katie about to pop the winner’s cork!

COACH at Eastside Gym, Mike Dyson and partner Katie Field have raised a magnificent £3,555.83 for Cash for Kids which has landed them a dream wedding worth over £20,000!

Mike and Katie took part in Viking FM’s ‘You Tell the Bride’ competition which resulted in them joining four other couples in taking part in what has been described as a ‘frenzy of fundraising activities’ for Cash for Kids from Monday 22nd February to Sunday 6th March 2016. The winners would be the couple who raised the most during the fundraising period.

Alex Duffy, Viking FM’s Breakfast Show host, announced the results of the competition live on the radio on Monday morning (7th March) this week… and Mike and Katie were declared the winners!

One of the fundraising activities organised by Mike and Katie, in addition to ‘quiz nights, supermarket bag packs and leg waxing’ was the Fancy Dress Boxing Demonstration featuring the clash of the landlords (Haven Arms and the Queen’s Head) that took place at the Haven on Saturday 27th March 2016.

As well as the wedding venue (Cave Castle Hotel and Country Club), dress, cake, photographer/videographer, etc, the dream prize also includes the services of a wedding planner and the costs of stag and hen parties!

Collectively the five couples raised £10,055.32 for Cash for Kids which will bring great benefit to the charity.

The moment the winners were announced, and Mike and Katie’s interview afterwards with Alex Duffy (recorded on YouTube):

More at Viking FM News – You Tell the Bride 2016.

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