Reminder about Flood Alerts service

Westlands Drain water high March 4th 2

Hedon Westlands Drain water levels yesterday (4th March 2016, 15.40) See: https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/8337

MANY residents will already receive flood alerts from the Environment Agency and receive the customary phone call, email and text message about flooding risks. Mostly the warnings are precautionary only. However, last night a look at the actual levels of water did give rise to concern.

A look at our Facebook Page and the comments from those residents living near to rivers and ‘drains’ will quite often be enough to reassure people that the actual levels in the town do not pose an immediate risk. But, the levels of water can rise quickly as a result of water flowing from higher ground and high tide levels, so it is wise for those not signed up for flood warnings, to do so. 

This is a republished article from last October about Flood Alerts.

Hedon Inmans Flood - Janet Smith 3

Hedon Inmans 2007. Photo c/o Janet Smith

FLOODLINE WARNINGS DIRECT is the FREE SERVICE from the Environment Agency that provides flood warnings by phone, text or email. There are specific alert services to sign up to, for:

  1. your home (whether an owner or a tenant);
  2. your business.

After you have registered with the flood warning service, alerts affecting your postcode area are notified to you by your chosen method(s) phone, text and/or email.

In addition to flood alerts, the Environment agency will occasionally send you other useful information as well. In their latest communication they sent the following useful hyperlinks:

  1. Live flood warnings from GOV.UK – you can also check your local nearby river levels e.g. Burstwick Drain at Thorn Road Bridge and at Westlands.
  2. Preparing for floods, and getting help afterwards from GOV.UK – flood planning and protection. Getting insurance.

To register with Floodline Warning Direct visit https://fwd.environment-agency.gov.uk/app/olr/home at the Environment Agency (GOV.UK) website. You can also register at Floodline on 0345 988 1188.

Know flood warningsNote: The above article providing useful information for residents was suggested by Councillor Di Storr chair of emergency planning at Head Town Council.

Rainy Holderness road

Excessive rain? – Be flood aware and prepared at home and at work

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