Hedon Methodist Church – Welcome back Viv!

Hedon Methodist with St AugustineMEMBERS of the congregation at Hedon Methodist Church will be delighted to welcome back their ex-Minister for a special Church Anniversary family service as the church’s Kevin Harrison explains:

“On Sunday 6th March  at 10.30am we welcome REVEREND VIVIENNE SMITH back for our anniversary family service (it’s the 143rd anniversary of the church’s establishment at Church Lane). Viv was our minister for 5 years and we can’t wait to welcome her back!

“After the service, people can join us for coffee and cake. Viv will also be conducting our evening service at 6.30pm.”

Other news from the Church:

  1. Notice of next Messy Church – Saturday 19th March 2016 – Theme: Palm Sunday and Easter.
  2. On Wednesday 2nd March, on behalf of the church, Kevin Harrison and David McDonald  collected the £5,000 from the Yorkshire Water Saltend Community Fund which was presented by Yorkshire Water’s Nick Topham and the funding committee’s Councillor Gordon Thurston.

    Hedon Methodist Church

    Cllr. Gordon Thurston, Kevin Harrison, David McDonald and Yorkshire Water’s Nick Topham. Kevin and David said: “We have had a great boost to the fundraising for the church development scheme. Many thanks to the Yorkshire Water Community Fund for a generous maximum grant of £5000 towards the cost of the alterations which will improve the church’s ability to progress outreach and assist in community involvement. With all the necessary planning permissions now being given, we can soon proceed to build!”

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