New and old recipes – charity cake sale

Charity Cake sellers - Pearl Cushing, Mayoress Linda Black and Allen Marshall

Charity Cake sellers at the Town Hall – Pearl Cushing, Mayoress Linda Black and Allen Marshall

CAKES available for charity on Friday (26th February 2016) were scrumptious enough, but the Cake Sale event at the Town Hall also provided visitors with opportunities to sample old pieces of bread. We don’t mean bread that was ‘old’, but rather made from doughs using ancient recipes and flour that is now seldom used.

Allen Marshall is a baking history enthusiast and had made different products as free samples for visitors using some of the earliest known grains. His main bread loaf was made using Emmer flour, other smaller loaves used Einkorn flour whilst specialist Khorasan grain flour was used to make shortbread biscuits which perhaps would have offered a taste of what the Pharaohs of Egypt would have been eating!

But the stars of the show were the wonderful cakes, dozens of them, made by a number of volunteers which helped raise money for CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young), the chosen charity of the year of Hedon’s Mayor and Mayoress

Mayoress Mrs Linda Black has been delighted to announce that the event raised £203 towards the charity.

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