Hedon 2030 – Imagine!

IMAGINE what living in Hedon in the year 2030 would be like?

How different will the town look? Will it have grown? Will it be greener, cleaner and safer?

What facilities will there be for the elderly (i.e. today’s middle-aged generation) and the young (those yet unborn)?

Train over HedonWhat will local transport be like? Will vehicle parking still be the red-hot issue it is today? Will we all be cycling, using motor scooters or riding the monorail?

Will there be enough housing (rented, or for sale) for those who wish to live in Hedon? Will most of our young people in 2030 choose to live in Hedon or elsewhere? Will they have a choice!?

How will science, new technology and innovation transform the way we live our lives? The iPad, tablet and smartphone will be ancient-kit in 2030; in what new ways will we be communicating with each other?

Will the town have learned to live with climate change? Will the fear of flooding have been eradicated or will coping with extreme weather events become the norm?

Whatever 2030 has in store for us, one thing is clear; the decisions we make now will help shape the world we will live in. Imagine 2030 is the Hedon Blog’s campaign for this year to help the town consider its future.

In particular, we hope to gather and collect the views and opinions of today’s younger generation about the Hedon they would like to see in the future. Through the written word and artwork we want to see how the town’s youth see their future in the place – and how they would like to re-imagine that future.

During 2016, we will aim to capture the views of young people in Hedon through traditional surveys but also use the full range of social media tools to encourage them to express their views. We will seek to work with other youth groups and organisations in Hedon to help Imagine 2030.

“…the decisions we make during  2016 will help shape the 2030 world we will live in…”

At the end of 2016, we hope that a vision for 2030 can emerge based mainly on the ideas of younger people and that this can help contribute towards and guide local decision-making in the town.

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