The University of the Third Age – Towards a Hedon U3A

U3A logoIF YOU no longer work full-time but still have a lively, enquiring mind, then there’s probably an activity for you in a local University of the Third Age (U3A), a national, non-profit making organisation for people who are no longer in full-time employment.

Cottingham U3A Family History Group

Cottingham U3A Family History Group

As well as monthly talks, U3As are offering a wide range of friendly informal interest groups. The U3A gives you the chance to enjoy the things you have always wanted to do and make new friends. For some, it is the opportunity to pursue an interest or develop their knowledge of a particular subject with like-minded people. For others, it has been the social contact.

The possibilities are endless. The U3A is all voluntary, we learn from one another and anyone can start an interest group.

“…there’s probably an activity for you in a local U3A”

Interest groups are many and varied. These are just some that the U3As in the East Riding provide:

Local History – Keep Fit for All – Art Appreciation – Book Groups – Tai Chi – French – Italian – German – Latin – Digital Photography – Ukulele – Computing – Walking – Quiz – Film – Croquet – Cards – Nature Watch – Board Games – Jazz – Writing for Fun – Crafts – Film – Coach Outings – Needlework – Philosophy – Garden Visits – Choir – Family History – Golf – Jazz – Bowls – Country Dancing – Play Reading – Singing for Fun – Art – Table Tennis.

Cottingham U3A Keep Fit

Cottingham U3A Keep Fit

West of Hull, the East Riding is well represented by the U3A Movement – Anlaby, Willerby and Kirk Ella (AWAKE), Beverley, Caves, Cottingham, Hessle, Howden, Hull and Swanland. However, east of the city, there is only Hornsea and this is on the very edge of the area.

To find out more, key The Third Age Trust into your computer (Google it) and you will find lots of information. Or try YAHR U3A (Yorkshire and Humber Region) or any of the local U3As (listed above).

INTERESTED in a local Hedon U3a?

Contact Mrs Heather Brabiner (Vice-Chairman of Cottingham U3A) on 01482 348765, email: to give us an idea as to whether a new U3A would be a viable proposition for Hedon and the surrounding villages.

An initial public meeting can be arranged which will be publicised on the Hedon Blog and in the Holderness Gazette.

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  1. A public meeting to discuss the setting up of a new U3A (University of the Third Age) group for the Holderness villages has been arranged for WED 1st JUNE at 2PM at the HAVEN ARMS.


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