Look out for the Hedon Shuttle – From Tuesday 1st March 2016

CB3 bus header-001

HART's medi-buses frequently travel Hedon's streets

HART mini-bus

THERE has been a discussion in previous years in Hedon about providing a useful bus service that can help people reach the local shops from the outer areas of Hedon. Whilst that need might still exist, at least, on Inmans estate there will be an opportunity for residents to catch a useful bus that will take people to St. Augustine’s Gate (the main shopping area), the doctors’ surgeries and up to Netto.

The Hedon Shuttle (HART mini-bus service CB3) will run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1st March 2016 and is a pilot project arranged by the Burton Pidsea Better Transport Group.

The bus will run along Acklam Road and Inmans Road where residents can hail and ride the service. The service in the morning at 10.10 am will travel into the town centre and Market Hill and then carry on to the Netto. A return service from Netto will run back through to Inmans at 11.55 am. An afternoon service will run through Inmans at 12.59 pm to the town centre with a return bus from the town centre at 4.15 pm.

The initiative has been arranged to meet the needs of residents in Burton Pidsea and Roos who need better transport links to Hedon’s shops and doctors. But it is obviously going to provide a useful link for Hedon residents on Inmans too. And of course, it will be a useful linking service for those who might need to commute to Roos and Burton Pidsea.

Hedon Town Councillor Steve Gallant, Hedon’s Transport Champion, tells us: “The fare on the bus for people boarding on the route through Hedon will be just £1.” 

There is more information about the service (and a timetable to download) over on HU12 Online: See – The Burton Pidsea Hedon Shuttle.

The Hedon Shuttle service is a pilot project running from the 1st March until 26th October 2016 and has come about as a result of survey work carried out in Burton Pidsea to identify the transport needs of local residents and through the efforts of the resident-led Burton Pidsea Better Transport Group and its partners and service funders.

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