Happiness through Historical Hankies at the new look Hedon Museum

HEDON MUSEUM opens for the new 2016 season of exhibitions on Wednesday 2nd March. The world of infrared photography, stories in quilt and a look at the ‘Secret Army’ in East Yorkshire during World War II are just some of the fascinating exhibitions taking place upstairs in the Museum between March and November. 

Katy Miller the Museum Press Officer is also delighted to reveal that when it re-opens, the Museum will have a new look with newly installed modern lighting and hanging systems, and a bright new colour scheme.

The first exhibition “A Gance into History” by Kate Dennett is a traverse through time via the medium of the Handkerchief! Katy Miller explains more:

Collage of hankies

Collage of handkerchiefs

“The story of Kate Dennett’s interesting and unusual collection began in the West Indies during the 1970s, when an elegant lace handkerchief laying on a town square pavement caught her eye!

“Encouraged by her degree in Graphic Design and interest in textiles, Kate gathered a mass of beautiful examples of handkerchiefs dating from the Victorian era to the present day. Her favourites, though, by far, are those dated 1930s. The printed fabrics have an experimental style with exuberant colours which really capture attention. However, one cannot help but appreciate the work which went into creating the handmade Victorian examples, with an appearance of quite an incredible delicacy, which took approximately 500 hours to craft.

“This is an exhibition for lovers of elegance, for those with an interest in the changing of styles through the progression of time, and for anyone interested in design. This is a ‘must-see’ for students of Textile Design!”

Exhibition runs from Wednesday 2nd March to Wednesday 30th March 2016. Hedon Museum opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. Refreshments available.


Exhibitions 2016
Wed 2 March – Wed 30th March  Historical Handkerchief Collection
Sat 2 April – Wed 4th May  The Secret Army in East Yorkshire
Sat 7 May – Sat 4 June  Fireside Quilters: Stories in stitch-work
Wed 8 June – Wed 6 July  200 Years of Childhood – Queens Victoria to Elizabeth
 Sat 9 July – Sat 5 August  Alterworld Art – Infrared photography by Christopher Storey
 Wed 6 August – Wed 7 September  Stan Pougher: “Every painting is a problem-solving adventure.”
 Sat 10 September – Sat 8 October  Larry Malkin & Homeworx: “Born with a brush in hand.”
 Wed 12 October – Sat 12 November

 Paintings by Julie Marshall: “Enthusiastic about landscapes.”

Ceramics by Rachel Ehlert: Creative with clay.

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