Hull Road residents – nostalgic fun day photos!

THESE residents of Hull Road, Hedon are obviously having lots of fun! Jim Uney has sent these marvellous photos in – plus his whimsical comments –  as part of our Five Photo Sunday. Many, many thanks, Jim. Readers will find these nostalgic and delightful!

If anyone can help with the unknown names, or perhaps tell us what the events were, and when they took place – that would be fantastic!


An off the cuff tug of war event, considering some of the lads are not dressed to pull… but thinking again, maybe some of them are!

Beauty competition Hull Rd residents

This is maybe why the gents above were in such fine attire? If the photo was taken the same day. From left to right, are: 1 Pauline Ellis, 2 Biddy Metcalfe, 3 Margaret Thaxter, 4 Kathy Bogg, 5 Shirley Bogg, 6 Audrey Raven, 7 Ann Kirkwood, 8 Unknown.

Hats Hull Rd residents

Front row: Mrs Wiltshire, Mrs Boyd, Mrs Ellis, Margaret Thaxter, Mrs Cripps, Valerie Robson, Mrs Green, Mrs Jackson. Back row: Mr Bill Baker, Mr Tanton, Mr Tom Ellis, Mr Ted Hutchinson, Mr Art Boyd, Mr Rob Robson, Mrs Robson, Mr Ron Wiltshire, Mr Green, Mr Foster?

Hull Rd residents

Front Row: 1, 2 ,3, unknown, 4 Ann Meadley, 5 Mary Brooks, 6 and 7, unknown. 2nd row from the front: 1Ray Sangan?, 2 Hillary Baker, 3 Rod Sangan or Alan Simpson, 4 Joan Sangan, 5 Valerie Crane, 6 Wendy Bogg, 7 Unknown, 8 Christine Acey, 9 Unknown.10 Unknown. 3rd row from the front: 1 Unknown, 2 Mrs Ellis, 3 Unknown, 4 Ann Boyd, 5 Kath Ellis?, 6 Unknown, 7 Molly Wiltshire, 8 Unknown, 9 Mrs Lummis, 10, Unknown. 4th row: 1 Unknown, 2 Tom Ellis, 3 Mrs Hutchinson, 4 Mrs Simpson, 5, Mrs Kitching, 6Mrs Jackson, 7 Mrs Robson, 8 Mr D Baker. Back Row: 1Mr T Hutchinson, 2 Mr Ron Wiltshire, 3 Dennis Jackson, 4 and 5 Unknown, and 6 Mr Rob Robson.


“Ladies trying out the first purpose built Whirlygig clothes dryer!” Hmm… yes, Jim.

With grateful thanks to Maud, Audrey, Ann and Sheila for providing names to faces – Jim Uney.

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  1. Just a thought, fellow readers/Bloggers, do any of your possess older photos?, please, of former South Holderness CC teams, players, news items etc. If so would appreciate if you sent them for publication, please, to Ray Duffill or emailed these columns with them, if you would. Appreciated!!
    Thanks, Malc.

  2. Any one else have interesting old Hedon area photos? please, to put on the Blog – as I’m scraping the barrel now!! Think you have seen mine!
    In addition, Cricket beckons in a few weeks, my 56th summer umpiring, I hope.
    More local ‘Match previews’ shortly to come,

    Cheers, Malc Ripley.

    • Hi, I shall look through my photos, my father lived in Hedon on Billy’s goat/ nanny goat island and I know I have a photo of my great great aunt stood outside one of the buildings with ducks and chickens running around.

  3. That’s my two brothers on the front row to the left Stephen and Clifford Ward and my mother Ivy Ward 4th from the left on the third row and not Ann Boyd

    • No it isn’t Anne boyd it’s my mother ivy ward and on the front row to the left are my two brothers Stephen and Clifford Ward.

  4. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. You’ve named all the people I remember, particularly Kathy Bogg as she’s my sister in law and now lives in Thorngumbald.

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