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Wednesday Writings – If I was I…

IF I WAS I by Wiggy (Virginia Hall)

If I was I and me was me,
What sort of I would me be?

I said Me would be full of laughter,
Loving everyone well and then after,
Infecting us all with joy and peace,
And bringing us together with us and we.

Me said I would be straight and true,
Full of strength and grace through and through.
I will always be there for me and we
Steadfast strong true and free.

So if I is strong and Me is laughter,
We shall get through life and disaster,
With strength and joy and love of we
So good is I if I were me.

WIGGY 2016

This superb piece is from Wiggy, who told us she very rarely writes. Well, Wiggy, you need to write a lot more!

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