Former Red Cross building to be renamed “The Amy Black Centre”

A NEW committee has been formed to manage the Red Cross Building on Sheriff Highway – and one of its first decisions is to rename the building “The Amy Black Centre” in honour of the town’s famous mezzo-soprano opera singer who died aged only 36 in November 2009.

Amy Black started singing in the choir at St. Augustine’s Church, before studying at the Royal Academy of Music. That was the start of a career which saw her touring worldwide and singing with the Glyndebourne Opera, English Touring Opera, Scottish Opera and English National Opera amongst many other prestigious bodies. She also made many guest appearances at local venues; as well as St Augustine’s Church she sang at Hull City Hall and Hull FC matches. 

Amy Black in concert (click for concert highlights on YouTube)

Amy Black in concert (click for concert highlights on YouTube)

Whilst her singing brought joy to thousands across the world and gained her an international reputation, Amy herself never forgot her Hedon roots and helped raise the profile of the town wherever she went. She helped fundraise for St. Augustine’s and did lots for local and national charities. Those who knew Amy remember her as a lively and bubbly girl with a great sense of humour.

It is indeed a fitting testament that Amy Black will be celebrated by dedicating her name to a building which will aim to bring together and nurture community activity in the town.

The British Red Cross will surrender the lease on the building from April 2016 and the new Management Committee group has been formed to manage the Amy Black Centre as a community asset. Whilst the purposes to which the new community centre will be utilised still needs to be fully determined, the new name will deservedly serve to focus interest on the building.

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