Hedon in the mid 1960’s – unique cine camera footage

THIS is a real treat for Hedon Blog readers! These nostalgic scenes of the town and some of its characters will just delight!

The footage, says John Harvey, shows the Mayor’s Parade through the Market Place, the old tin sheds of the primary school and some school sports days, a school fête and a concert in the newly built assembly hall.

Depicting Hedon (possibly the period from 1965 to 1968), the film has been transferred from the original 8mm to digital format by John and then posted as a Facebook video.

There have been over 2,000 viewings on Facebook combining those from John’s own posting and the Hedon Blog’s Facebook page. Now via the Blog, the footage will reach an even wider audience. Thank you very much, John, for sharing!

We would love readers to leave comments and help us identify any of the characters from the film.

If your browser does not load the Facebook video (try refreshing the page first) then you can link to it and view on Facebook.

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  1. This is an amazing film that takes me right back to my childhood. I may have seen myself playing the recorder but not sure. Seeing this has certainly made my day! I am pretty sure it is Mr Richardson coaching the football team.

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  2. The Mayor at the School Sports Day is Vies Suggit. He was Mayor between 1966-71. Peter Garvey succeeded him in May 1971. This may assist dating.

    Ossie Heron (light grey suit) is helping to officiate at the Sports Day. I think Mr Baslington was the Town Clerk at the time and Harry Scarrah the Macebearer.


  3. My grandfather is on this coming out the church carrying a “standard” slicked back dark hair with a sharp pointed nose his name was Arthur Boyd and he lived down Princes Avenue Hedon he was a very active member of the British Legion and served in the Cold Stream Guards he had one son (my dad) Eric Boyd also very active member of the “Legion” sadly he too died over 3 years ago great video thanks for posting regards Carl Boyd


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