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Wednesday Writings – Purple Cows

Purple cows

‘twas Friday evening so I went
Round to the pub, where hours were spent
In drinking and in merriment,
Until all of my cash was spent.

I left the pub – the hour was late –
And paused beside a farmer’s gate.
I looked into the field in wonder
To see the cows hide from the thunder.

The fact they hid was not so wondrous,
Cows often do whene’er it thunders.
I cleaned my glasses on my sleeve –
These cows seemed purple, I believe!

I changed my glasses, gave up drink –
I wondered what the world would think
Of one who, on a country walk
Saw purple cows – how people talk!

An amusing piece by Peter Ainscough – on how purple cows drive you to abstinence from drink!

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  1. Well done Peter, Is this pub in Hedon? if so they shouldn’t be allowed to sell the stuff !.
    Maybe, that’s the reason for some motorists parking displays in and around the Market Place,early on Christmas Eve morning. Best Wishes, Regards Jim Uney

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