“Oyez Oyez!” Crying at Church Christmas Market!

Town Crier - St Augustine's Church MarketThe new Town Crier for Hedon lent a hand to volunteers at the Christmas Market held at St Augustine’s Church on Saturday (5th Dec 2015).

John Dawson, resplendent in his official robes, cried out a proclamation to early morning visitors in his role as charity auctioneer about the goods on sale at the festive event. The Christmas Market is an annual event usually held the first Saturday in December and aims to raise funds for the 800-year-old church.

The Hedon Town Crier John Dawson, Toastmaster, Master of Ceremonies and Hedon Mace Bearer for the town and its Mayor, is pictured here at the event alongside church warden Sallie Nielson, stallholder Audrey Nelthorpe and Heather Burwell.

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  1. Hello again Janet,

    I believe that may be the house. It fits the description. A photo would be amazing if it is not too much trouble. I heard that it is for sale as well. If you happen to know how I could reach the Real Estate Co. That would be remarkable. If not, please do not worry. Your assistance has been invaluable. Thank you again.

    • Hello Maria, I did find a photo for you, but couldn’t work out out to upload onto this site, but a friend of mine, who runs the HU12 site has already uploaded a photo. Have you not seen it? It’s much better than my photo. I don’t think the house is currently for sale, sorry I said it was. I thought I’d seen a For Sale the last time I walked by, but I can’t find any details online. It was in 2017, but wasn’t sold. The postal address is 2, Market Hill, Hedon, East Yorkshire. HU12 8JB. If you go on the Zoopla site, there are photos of the inside from when it was listed in 2017.
      Cheers Janet

  2. Hello,
    I am writing from Toronto, Ontario Canada and I am thoroughly enjoying your photos. This one caught my eye because of St. Augustines. A few generations back Robert Rennardson, a distant Grandfather on my Dad’s side acquired a 3 story home on Churchgate in 1840. I’m told it’s very near the church. Do any of you know how I could get a photo of it? It would mean the world to me. Thank you so very much.

    • Hello Maria
      There is only one house on Church gate that I know of which is directly opposite the side of the church. It is 3 storey, and has Dutch feel to the structure. It is currently up for sale. Would you like me to find a picture of it for you?

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