Storm Des fells Hedon Christmas Tree – and raised by Hedon’s Des!

Christmas Tree fallen over
This was the sight greeting early morning visitors to the town centre yesterday morning (Sun 6th Dec 2015).

The Christmas Tree had blown over during the night in the high winds – a victim of Storm Desmond. But it was soon back to its former glory as the result of another ‘Desmond’, as Hedon Mayor Councillor Neil Black expains:

“As soon as I was notified of the fallen tree I contacted Hedon Town Council’s works supervisor Des Suddaby. I stood there until he arrived thus preventing any public safety issues. Delighted to say that the tree is now back in full Christmas bloom. My thanks must go to Des and his team for their magnificent effort.”

“From that to this in a matters of hours. What a magnificent team this Town of ours has
Well done!” said the Mayor who provided the above two photos.

How the tree looks in all its glory!

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