Wednesday Writings

Wednesday Writings – Annunciation


Angel gloried light in sunset sky;
Though now you doubt, yet do not question why
Or how. Accept His word in gentle innocence,
Knowing pain will be your recompense.
But feel the God-filled Joy as you accept,
And sense the glorious future you’ll create:
The death-made joy that then will emanate,
When wine from water will be our precept.
The baby leaps within the mother’s womb
Then rises from the rocky stone-blocked tomb.
Precursed by angels and by skin clad John,
We’ll light the world with this your given gift,
To lift from shadows all this demi-mond
And crown Him in His crucifixion lift.
The universe rests in your questioning face;
In answering “Yes” you speak a joyous grace.

Peter J Ainscough

A welcome return to Wednesday Writings to Peter with his poetic interpretation of the Annunciation.

Editor’s note: The Annunciation is the Christian celebration of the announcement by the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that she would conceive and become the mother of Jesus.

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