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House prices in Hedon – property sales September 2015

See property prices for free provides information on the prices of houses sold in the area. The information on the OurProperty website is extracted or derived by Fubra Limited from information produced by the Land Registry. 

The website aims to publish house price information on a monthly basis

This list is a monthly update to the OurProperty database for Hedon, and shows the latest prices paid for property in the town up to 30th September 2015.

BIRCH TREE DRIVE  Terrace £128,000  16th Sept
CONSTABLE GARTH  Semi-detached £104,500  8th Sept
ALURED GARTH  Terrace £112,000  14th Aug
GEORGE STREET  Detached £90,000  21st Aug
POULTNEY GARTH  Semi-detached £102,000  19th Aug

An interesting fact revealed through searching OurProperty is that the street in Hedon with the most houses sold during the last two years (1st Jan 2013 – 1st October 2015) is ASTLEY CLOSE (actually Preston South part of the Scruton’s development) with 30 property sales. Houses on this street sold at prices ranging from £130,500 for a semi-detached to £235,000 for a detached property.

Next in the 2-year property sales league is Birch Tree Drive (Holderness Grange) with 23 sales, Thorn Road with 19 and Brevere Road with 14.

You have to register to use the OurProperty service, but it is obviously useful if you are considering moving house or want to come and live in Hedon, and want to get a feel for the housing market and actual property sold prices.


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