Holderness Lions ‘Smartie Alecs’ for Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Lions Smarties£1,000 was donated by the Holderness Lions to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance at a presentation at the Hedon British Legion Club yesterday (30th October 2015). The Yorkshire Air Ambulance needs to raise £12,000 per day to keep both of their helicopters maintained and in the air. 

What was novel about this donation from the Holderness Lions, however, was the manner in which it was raised.

Lions President Eileen Smith explains:

“A few months ago Members of Holderness Lions gave out 96 tubes of Smarties to friends and asked them to replace the Smarties with 20 pence pieces, or whatever they could manage, to raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. But first they had to eat the Smarties – and I’m sure that was tough going!

“We raised almost £700.00. Members of Holderness Lions decided to make the amount to be donated up to £1000.00.”

Well done the Lions and Friends! We think this makes them real Smartie Alecs!!

Photo: Marion Gamble a volunteer with Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Don Failey Hedon Royal British Legion Club, Holderness Lions President Eileen Smith, Lions Eileen Rojahn and Barbara Swann.

Visit: Holderness Lions


The Yorkshire Air Ambulance actually benefited from donations amounting to £2,240 yesterday. Also presenting cheques to YAA were the friends and family of the late Dennis Jackson who had raised funds for the worthwhile service in his memory.

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