Flouting of new Hedon parking restrictions?

SINCE new parking restrictions came into force in Hedon centre last week the Hedon Blog has received several photographs, messages and comments (some which we won’t publish) from residents who are dismayed to see the new parking regime being ignored and/or flouted. One commentator has remarked that even East Riding of Yorkshire Council vehicles have ignored the new traffic regulations and parked outside the Co-op while visiting inside. 

Single yellow ignored 2We can’t verify any transgressions, but commentators have said that councillors or parking enforcement officers just need to go and see the situation at certain times of the day themselves to realise the continuing problem.

Whilst there will be a certain ignorance of the parking restrictions because they are new, they have now been in force – and are enforceable – for a week.

Other residents have commented that the new restrictions will – and are – adversely affecting local shops and businesses.

This certainly could be an issue that is raised with Hedon Town Council at its Public Participation meeting tonight at the Hedon Town Hall at 7pm. It is also an item on the agenda for the Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting which takes place after the public meeting. Also on the agenda is an update the proposal for new parking spaces at the old station car park. 

John Dennis - jubilantCouncillor John Dennis, Hedon Town Councillor and Ward Councillor has responded to the above:

“Thanks for publicising this Ray, but are we really surprised? It will be the same culprits who have always ignored the yellow lines, and unless the new rules are firmly enforced, will continue to do so.

“I’ve already submitted a request to the ERYC Parking Enforcement team leaders to now introduce a more regular regime of Parking Enforcement Officer visits, and by that I don’t mean the odd one-off, but an increase in the number of visits generally for the forseeable future.

“This will be discussed at the Town Council this evening – I’ll see to that!”

We will continue the debate on the original post New parking restrictions but please be aware we do not publish comments without real or full names i.e. do not comment using just first name or an internet nickname.

♦♦♦♦♦ Statement using real names on Hedon Blog ♦♦♦♦♦

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This will strengthen the credibility of this website too – if 15 people from your neighbourhood comment on an article about road safety, then the likelihood of you knowing one or more of them is quite high. The fact that ‘Josie Smithyson’ of Inmans thinks that maximum speeds should be reduced to 20mph is much more powerful than just ‘Joe1973’.

It also means that comments on the Blog can be referred to by others (i.e. decision makers, councils, the media) as a more genuine expression of local opinion.

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Thanks for your support on this.


Ray Duffill.

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